Ring Size Guide

A Guide to Measuring Your Ring Size

Finding the Perfect Fit

Getting the perfect fit for your ring is crucial to ensure that it is comfortable and looks great on your finger. With so many options available to measure your ring size, it can be challenging to find the best method. On this page, we will explore different ways to measure your ring size.

Use a Mobile Application with a current ring that fits

With the advancement of technology, there are several mobile applications available that can help you measure your ring size. For example, the Ring Sizer by Jason Withers available on Google play and the Apple app store, are free mobile applications. You simply put the ring you want to measure on the designated measure filed on your mobile phone's screen and use the slider to determine your ring size..

Use a Plastic Ring Sizer

One of the easiest ways to measure your ring size is to use a plastic ring sizer. At many jewellery stores, you can get a free plastic ring sizer that you can use to measure your finger's circumference. Simply slide the plastic ring sizer over your finger until you find a size that feels comfortable. We recommend trying a half size up and down to ensure you find the perfect fit.

Use a Printable Ring Sizer

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to measure your ring size, a printable ring sizer is a great option. All you need to do is print the ring sizer guide and place a ring you already own over the circles, matching the inside of the ring to the circle nearest in size. Here is a link to the PDF printable guide. 
TIP: be sure to print the file as it's original size - do not fit to page.

Use a String, Paper, and Ruler

Another way to measure your ring size is by using a string, paper, and ruler. Wrap the string or paper around the base of your finger, mark where the ends meet, and measure the string or paper with a ruler (in millimetres). Divide the measurement by 3.14 (Pi) to get the diameter of the ring. Pick the closest measurement on the ring size chart to find your ring size. Remember to measure 3 to 4 times for accuracy and measure your ring size at the end of the day when your fingers are warm.

Consult with a Jeweller

If you're still unsure about your ring size, it's always a good idea to consult with a jeweller. They have the tools and expertise to measure your finger accurately and provide advice on the best ring size for your finger. They may also be able to make adjustments to your ring to ensure the perfect fit.

Visit us

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Getting the perfect fit for your ring is essential to ensure that it is comfortable and looks great on your finger.